Join us in Odessa for an evening of compelling stories told through sound as we curate an evening of exciting radio docs, features & found sound from around the world. We’ll be talking to LA based producer, David Weinberg(99% Invisible, Marketplace) the creator of RandomTape who are running a competition at this year’s inaugural Tape Fest that’s all about celebrating the audio oddities that can be found in forgotten & abandoned tape. We’re also delighted to introduce the radio series, Zoo Diaries, produced by Colette Kinsella for ABC’s amazing Radiotonic series. The four part series introduces audiences to the animals & humans who’ve made Dublin Zoo their home and was shortlisted for Best Sound at the upcoming International New York Awards. All this & the fact that you get to hang out with an audience of radio & podcast obsessed listeners makes for a fun night and a fun listen.

Zoo Diaries          David Weinberg

Early booking is recommended as last month’s listening party with Love + Radio sold out so secure your spot & reserve your tickets today.

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Ever wanted to make Radio?

If you’ve ever been to a Sounds Alive event you’ll know how much we value not just good Radio but amazing, compelling, thrilling Radio that challenges, provokes and connects with the listener. That’s the kind of Radio you’ll learn how to make during our new course in feature making at Block T starting on Thursday 25th. Combining practical industry experience with the realities of getting your stories heard, this 6 week course will give you all the basic tools to get out there, get recording and get busy making your own mini-masterpiece – an audio story that you can stand over, share with others & proudly say; I made this. It will be up to you to bring in an idea or even the spark of one for your story but we can help you with this too.  We’ll also teach you the rest of how to create audio stories that stick,  including how to structure your story, how to talk to a complete stranger and get great tape, how to take out all the boring bits and craft the rest into a radio story that you’ll want to share whether on the Radio or with your family & friends. This course is aimed at complete beginners as we hope to start more advanced classes later this Autumn so no experience necessary, just a healthy appetite for great Radio. So for now if you find yourself listening to lots of really bad or really great st and feel inspired to take a stab at it, then click the link below to find out more.

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